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Feel The Passion
MP3 Audio

Dr.Richard E. Williams ministers under the anointing of God as the worship team plays in the background.

As Apostle Williams ministers you can see what he is saying happening in your mind and you will feel the passion of this message.

Listen to this powerful mp3 audio Now!   
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Healing & Joy Caught on Film

Watch this video of Apostle Williams ministering Healing and Joy. in the country of Malaysia. You will see a demonstration of the Spirit and receive faith for your healing or miracle.

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You have a purpose


Creative Miracles

Dr, Richard E. Williams interviews Carole Miller McCleery in the Television studio at Outpouring Worship Center in Ravenna MI.

After a auto accident in 1981, Carole  was pronounced dead twice, revived at the scene, Dead on Arrival at the hospital yet miraculously began speaking from under the cover at the morgue. God had other plans for Carole. Besides bringing her back to life, she has received many healings for incurable autoimmune diseases and twelve creative miracles including the re-growth of her amputated leg!                                    Click Here Now!



Cutting Edge Video

Television programs to youth

The Cutting Edge Video television broadcast is seen nationally and internationally on the Sky Angle satellite systems. This program as well as the Outpouring Broadcast are produce at the Outpouring Worship Center in Ravenna Mi.





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